About Spiros


Spiros Papadimitriou's main interests are mobile applications, data mining for graphs and streaming data, clustering, time series and systems for large-scale data processing. He has published more than thirty papers on these topics in refereed conferences and journals. He has three invited journal publications, several book chapters and he has filed multiple patents. He was a Siebel scholarship recipient in 2005 and received the best paper award in SDM 2008. A long time ago he was a contributor to the Gnome open source project (originally writing the weather and dictionary applets) and he looks forward to contributing to open source again in the future. He obtained his BSc in Computer Science from the University of Crete, Heraclion and his MSc and PhD degrees from Carnegie Mellon University.

Other coordinates

I used to live in this corner of the web before deciding to establish this site. On almost all online services (Google, Skype, Facebook, del.icio.us, Twitter, etc) I am known as spapadim.


This is a personal website. As such, any material contained herein does not necessarily reflect the views, position or attitudes of my employer, or of any other institution I am or have been affiliated with.

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